Searching for Water in Surround Sound

Can plant roots actually “hear” the sound of water flowing in a pipe? Gagliano et al. published a paper examining this hypothesis (Tuned in: plant roots use sound to locate water). Do their data support the claims? At the behest of @guillaumelobet, I decided to take an in-depth look. This comic is the first of a new series here at Neiler Comics, which I’m going to call “Neiler’s Peer Review.” Check it out:

root water sound 01root water sound 02root water sound 03root water sound 04

I hope you liked this comic. I’m planning on doing more comics in the “Neiler’s Peer Review” lineup soon. Check back on Fridays — that’s the day I’ll be posting new material from now on. And if you liked this one, consider making a small donation to support the comic. Thanks!

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