The path of pollen

For folks in the northern hemisphere, it’s springtime. The weather’s getting warmer, days are getting longer, and flowers are starting to open up. I thought I’d mark the occasion by looking up some research on floral biology. Today we address this question: Can we track how pollen moves from flower to flower? Minnaar and Anderson present a new method of doing so in their article, “A novel pollen-tracking method: using quantum dots as pollen labels.” It comes from comes from bioRxiv (Twitter @biorxivpreprint), which hosts preprint articles that haven’t been peer-reviewed yet. Here’s my take on it in “Neiler’s Peer Review” fashion. Enjoy!

pollen tracking 01pollen tracking 02pollen tracking 03pollen tracking 04

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Minnaar C, Anderson B (2018) A novel pollen-tracking method: using quantum dots as pollen labels. bioRxiv 286047, doi:

Pacini E, Hess M (2005) Pollenkitt – its composition, forms and functions. Flora 200, 399-415

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