Comic strip roundup (29 Jun 2018)

Lately I’ve been experimenting a bit with short-format comic strip, which I posted on social media over the past couple weeks. In case you missed any, here they are all in one place. I also included some website-exclusive sketches and doodles that were made along the way.

20180606 scicomm writers block

20180621 solstice

20180623 stomata mouth wash.png20180627 binary brain training

20180627 savannah camera trap20180629 the wild world of tick-based dieting

A couple shots from my sketchbook while prepping for (and putting off) the camera-trap comic strip:

20180629 camera trap sketch 120180629 camera trap sketch 2

Some figures drawn up for a presentation Ying was making.

Diversity panel:

20180627 diversity panel

Dinner with a faculty member:20180627 faculty dinner

Journal club (version 1):

20180627 journal club 1

Journal club (version 2)20180627 journal club 2

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