Comic strip roundup (12 Jan 2019)

Here’s a collection of short strips and sketches from the past few months. Some have been released on social media, but I also included some fresh material to keep things interesting. Be sure to follow along on Facebook and Twitter for the latest.

20180808 accident prediction

“Collision clairvoyance” was inspired by this paper.

20180809 spicy shrews

“Add pepper to not taste” was inspired by this paper.

20180810 standup science20180823 common ground20180823 ego20181114 battling bollworms

“Battling bollworms” was inspired by this paper.20181114 jammed

“Jammed” was inspired by this paper.20181114 nongenemodiscuit

“Nongenemodiscuit” was inspired by this ridiculous commercial.20181116 smoke break20181211 praise and critique

“Praise and critique” was inspired by this episode of the Taproot podcast.

20181213 lauren lab meeting

The above sketch was for @PLANTasticPope ‘s successful completion of her rotation project in José Dinneny’s lab.

20181220 citizen chemistry

“Citizen chemistry” was inspired by this episode of the Planet Money podcast.

20190109 cost of pixel20190109 try better writing

“Better writing” was inspired by this paper (and it’s pointed title).

20190111 brilliant budgie

“Brilliant budgies” was inspired by this paper.

20190111 membrane

“Selectively permeable” was inspired by the (infuriating) controversy surrounding construction of a border wall at the southern US border. Below are a couple concept sketches I made before settling on the final comic:

20190112 membrane concept


20190112 green parrots.png

These green parrots are inspired by what is indisputably the greatest YouTube video of all time.

20181101 plant domestication comic draft 1

I used the above comic on plant domestication for Discovery Day at AT&T Park. Feel free to use it in your own outreach efforts!

20190112 western blot

Western blot (Get it? I’m hilarious).

20190112 plant blindness

“Plant blindness” describes the phenomenon where people are surrounded by plants everywhere, but never quite seem to notice them.

20181024 sleepy bird20190112 sleepy birds

And lastly, some early concept art for a mini-series I was contemplating:20190112 evil scientist



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