If Only We Knew

As of this writing, we’re about 1 year into the COVID-19 pandemic. We’ve lost jobs, we’ve lost time, we’ve lost loved ones and lives — and the constant frustration is that it all seemed so preventable. In light of this tragic milestone, I’ve decided to put stylus to tablet and reflect back on how it all started, imagining how things could have gone differently… if only we knew.

Part 1: March 7th, 2020 (again)

Part 2: Grassroots movement

Part 3: On the vicious cycle of lockdown and reopening

Part 4: Buy locally, work remotely (or not at all)

Part 5: It’s all fun and games until everyone gets vaccinated

Part 6: Best (and basically only) film of the year

Part 7: The other pandemic vicious cycle

Part 8: A time of constant restlessness

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