Do you want a Neiler Comic highlighting your latest research? If so, I’d be more than happy to help! I take commissions for new comic projects, and will work for a fee of $50 (USD) per hour. To put in a request, send me a message via the Contact page.

Here’s a breakdown of the process:

What kind of projects can I commission?

You can commission comics for my Graphical Abstracts series, which are short comics highlighting new research papers and projects (see examples here, here, and here). I will consider other types of projects on a case-by-case basis (journal cover art, presentation figures, etc.).

How do I request a commission?

You can reach me using the form on the Contact page. In your message, briefly describe the project you have in mind. Feel free to include links to any papers, abstracts, or review articles relevant to the topic. The more detail you provide, the easier it will be for me to get started.

How much do you charge?

I charge $50 (USD) per hour for working on commissioned projects. This includes any time spent drawing, planning/researching, and corresponding with you in real time (phone/Skype conversations). I will only release the completed comic after the final invoice is paid.

Before I start a project, I ask that you pay a deposit of $300.00. This deposit counts toward the final invoice. If the final cost is less than the deposit, I’ll refund you the difference.

What is your cancellation and refund policy?

You can cancel a project at any time. However, I will still charge for any time spent working on the project up to that point. Again, if the deposit you pay is less than the per-hour cost of the project, I’ll refund you the difference.

What is your copyright policy?

I reserve the right to retain copyright on all commissioned comics. You are free to use and reproduce the comic, in whole or in part, for any personal, academic, or otherwise non-commercial purposes. Commissions for commercial purposes will be negotiated on a case-by-case basis.

What’s the workflow for a typical project?

  1. Message and response: After I get your message, I’ll let you know if I can take on the project and approximately how long it will take. If necessary, I will request a phone or Skype call to clarify the designs.
  2. Contract and deposit: I’ll write up a contract for the project and ask that you pay a $300.00 (USD) deposit.
  3. Black-and-white draft: Once the deposit is paid and contract agreed upon, I’ll draw a black-and-white draft of the comic and send it to you to review.
  4. Revisions: I’ll make any requested changes and send you a new draft to look at. If the revisions are minor, I’ll make them and move directly to the next step.
  5. Colored draft: Once we settle on a black-and-white draft, I’ll make a full-color draft and send it to you to review.
  6. Revisions: Any changes you request will prompt preparation of a new colored draft for review. Major rewrites at this stage may require moving back to the black-and-white drafting step.
  7. Invoice: Once the design is finalized, I’ll send you an invoice for the entire project. The price will be the hourly rate for work performed minus the $300.00 deposit. See below for more information about pricing.
  8. Release: I’ll post the comic on my site and send you a high-resolution copy for your own personal use.